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Hand Crafted Gator Hunt Equipment

*Functional Equipment
*Honed from Years of Unparallel Experience
* Producing Exceptional Results for the Average Gator Hunter!


Would your really consider "CHEAP" imposter equipment when your quarry can Eat You?

Value & results are appreciated long after the price is forgotten.


Quality * Service * Integrity

Capt. Phil Walters - 813-220-6854

"Ya' can spend more money, but ya ain't gitten bigger gators!"


Want information about Hunting?  Visit my "Gator Hunt Tips" page

Our equipment has evolved to be very effective, heavy duty tools in the harvest of gators. We have learned many tricks over time, such as when a bangstick goes over the side they sink, or when a harpoon pole gets thrown at a gator, they get lost! Either case, YOU  are S.O.L.! With our equipment, we have compensated for such "reality" from practical experience. We make our equipment to be FUNCTIONAL, not pretty. Some of our tolerances are loose, and they are for a reason. This is the same equipment we carry on charters. Buy with confidence a tested product made BY GATOR HUNTERS FOR GATOR HUNTERS!  I  warrant the metalwork on darts, drivers or power heads, call  me with any problems.

You got to have the right equipment to take trophies...............


GatorGuide Deputy Randy Pounds of Juction City Georgia with his new 13' 8' Georgia state record gator harvested on
September 14, 2008 from zone 3. It took most of the night to subdue him. The Ratworks harpoon & darts did their job!














3/8" dia. Stainless Steel shaft, turned down to 1/4" to accept dart. Bolted to 3" of galvanized pipe. Ready to mount on 5' to 8' of 1-1/4" wood dowel. Slightly loose fit is fine.

Why made this way:

 When making your harpoon poles, here is some advice. If you are using a bow, snatch hook or trolling up to the gator, you might want a LONG POLE of 7' -10' as you will be thrusting the dart into the gator. If you troll or run up on the gators & wish to throw the harpoon, use a shorter pole of 5' or so. (If you practice, shots of 25' to 35' can be made with a harpoon. This is about the range of a bow rigged for gators)

 For the shorter throwing pole, I run the dartline through the pole. This allows you to quickly retrieve the pole if you miss (much quicker than recovering an arrow). If you hit the gator, the pole acts as a drag as it will drag at a 45 angle and snag upon any weeds or vegetation the gator may attempt to go under, thus making a difficult gator easier to retrieve and prevent him from going into his hole.

 To rig the pole, drill the hole about a foot from the end opposite of the driver. Run the dartline through the pole & have enough line for the dart to freely eject from the driver. (about a foot of free line is good) Now, tie a knot on the float side of the pole. This knot will act as a stop for the dart when you stick the gator and drag the pole.

 Note: Competitors use a ring on the end of their harpoon pole. Bad idea as this will not allow the pole to "hang up" on vegetation or brush preventing the gator from escaping, it will only go under the stuff. When you attempt to pull the gator out of the mess, the pole will hang up preventing you from extracting the gator. If you hunt enough different areas, you will find this to happen.........



Harpoon Kits $109.00




Above push point/driver, mounted to pipe, two Chisel Point darts, 50' of 1/4" dart line. Ready to mount to 6' to 8' 1-1/4" of wood dowel. Use bleach jug filled with foam or a crab trap ball for a float.                                                                                  



Super Pro Harpoon Kit  $165.00



















2 drivers, 2-50' lines, 3 darts. For folks needing two complete rigs for multiple permits.                


Chisel Point Darts $32.50 or two for $58.00




Best available!  Hand made, 3/8" Stainless steel dart, with proprietary ”Double Bite” Dovetail design. 10" Stainless Steel cable with driver keeper loop. Goes in easy, must cut out to remove. Note: Dovetail must go BELOW HIDE/BONE to hold! 

Put some ass in it & Hit him HARD!               

Why the Gator is Such a Tough Critter - click for expert article from Capt. Phil


Why made this way:

 These darts are HAND MADE with a double "V" dovetail from a solid piece of 3/8" diameter #303 stainless steel rod. They are short so that  long  or weak shots will penetrate and hold. Longer darts do not offer better holding, they only offer that you must apply more energy for them to penetrate & grip. 

The "V" back allows for weak shots to hold if only one dovetail goes under the skin. The single solid dart adds strength so that it will not disintegrate as multi metal (aluminum & steel) darts may. The chisel point is made to penetrate when shots hit tough areas. No competitor offers a "V" back due to the expense of making this cut and few understand the variety of scenarios that gator hunters experience across the South in the many habitats that are now hunted by the public.

  Some competitors darts are made for fish, not gators. While they work to a degree, they can be difficult to penetrate a gator's hide, may break where different metals meet and on distant or  weak shots, will not penetrate. My darts are crafted with decades of hands on, fair chase gator hunting experience gained from hunting not only across Florida but also the many Southern states offer public gator hunting.


For Archery Equipment:

Rig the float line directly to the dart cable. Use a rubber band to secure float line to shaft. Do Not rig float/dart line to shaft only as should the shaft break (often happens from rolls & runs) you lose the gator.



Bang Stick Kit/Power Head- .38/357  List $155.00 special $129.00    
.44 Mag  List $175.00 Special 139.00




All Stainless Steel construction. .357/.38 caliber. Plenty of power when used correctly! Attached to galvanized pipe, ready to mount to 1-1/4" wood dowel. Underwater use only! Hit him HARD!   


Why made this way:
The weight of the head adds to the inertia to fire the bangstick. By using at least 5' of wood dowel for a pole, the wood should float. If you tape a foot or two of pool noodle onto the pole, it will defiantly float! Every year about 5% of hunters have their bangsticks go over the side of the boat. If the bangstick floats, you will save $$$ plus have the stick when you need it.

List $25.00 Special $15.00 each, 2 for $25.00 or 6 for $65.00




In some areas, snatch hooks work well. In open water, free of vegetation or fallen timber, a hook will often locate the gator so you can harpoon him.   Here are two sets of hooks for locating lizards on the bottom. I rig double hooks because many large gators have been hooked in the past & roll when they feel them. The double allows a "rolling gator" to roll into the stinger/trailer hook, giving him a nice surprise!

Tip: Look behind you BEFORE you cast!! Once hooked, NEVER allow slack into the line. Reel down into your pumps while keeping the line tight. Rarely do the hooks penetrate a gator over 8' so they will FALL OFF if given slack.

Tip: File your hook points sharp!

Tip: At boatside, be very careful working a gator with hooks as they can easily hook YOU if you're not paying attention! Once filed, they are very nasty!

Weighted 12/0 3 prong snatch hook with 14" of stainless steel cable. Use at least 80 lb. Fireline or similar braided line. Works great for gators sitting on the bottom.




List  $52.50    Special $35.00

18" stainless steel cable & #6 heavy duty stainless swivel attached to 50' of 1/4" line. Use to pull big gators from deep water.

Need to add a float. 

Snatch Hooks & Snares: A Brief but Griping Encounter - (click for more info)




$10.00 each or 2 for $17.00





















Stainless steel 5/64" cable, 60" in length with steel lock plate.  Slide open, place over gator, pull tight, locks down. Most commonly used with a pole and a few feet of rope.                                                                                             



Operates from your 12 volt battery. Simple, dependable and affordable! 100 watt light with a spare 55 watt bulb ($10.00value). Very bright and replacement bulbs available at most auto stores. Quick detach cord. (12 volt use only!)    


Why made this way:

These lights are a new item, custom made for gator hunting. They are very dependable, comes with two bulbs and you may purchase additional bulbs at just about any auto parts store. Additionally, they have a quick connect cord for ease of use. (NO DOT plug them into 110v!!! 12v ONLY)



PROWLER CAPS 50w - $59.50

100x - Turns night into day - $75.00

Soft cap spotlight projects a beam approximately ½ mile, and weighs only 6 ounces.   Equipped with a 50 watt tungsten halogen 2.75" diameter compact reflector lamp. A 10' power cord with battery clamps included. Gives plenty of light for working, hunting or navigating.

"BONE CRUSHER" -  Heavy Duty Dart Pole

"BONE CRUSHER" DART POLE KIT - List $ 94.00 Special: $67.50









We developed this pole in the early nineties for areas where fishing rods & locator hooks are used. Upon tiring the gator & putting him boat side, the larger (10'+) gators often don’t present a soft shot. With "Bone Crusher," just about any shot is a good shot because of it’s weight & inertia. Where the dowel poles are great for throwing distances & accurately hitting soft spots, "Bone Crusher" will often drive through the back armor of the largest gators!

Another situation where "Bone Crusher" excels is when a large gator is hooked in deep water. Often, a 10'+ gator in 10 or more feet of water will trash most heavy duty reels when you attempt to surface him. Using

"Bone Crusher," you simply send the dart down your hook line to the gator. The weight of the pole along with it’s sleek design allows it to accelerate on it’s way down!

Please remember: This pole can hurt you or others nearby, so use with extreme care & caution!

Note: This pole sinks faster than a rock! Always secure a line to the pole & your vessel or you will lose your pole!

Kit includes:

1- Bone Crusher driver mounted to 3/4" capa
1- Ratworks Chisel point dart
2-50' lines
1- 14" stainless cable with two sleeves

To make your pole:

At Home Depot or Lowes, buy a 10' x 3/4" section of galvanized, cast iron pipe. Attach the "Bone Crusher" driver to threaded end and tighten with pipe wrench. On the opposite end, drill a 1/4" (more or less) hole about 1" from the end. Run the stainless steel cable through this hole and use the sleeves (crimp them with a vice, hammer or crimper) to make a loop with the cable. Tie one of the 50' lines to this loop to secure the pole to your boat BEFORE you use it. This line will keep you from losing the pole when you drop it overboard.

Attach second 50' line to the dart and attach a float (crab trap buoy, anti-freeze or detergent container filled with foam. In Alabama, tie both lines to your vessel) or attach the end securely to your boat. Once the gator is tired and boatside, rig your "Bone Crusher" pole & hit him with it! Aim for the neck, flank or thick part of the tail. Avoid the head!

If the gator is on the bottom & won’t move, work your hook line PERPENDICULAR to the water’s surface. From past movement of the gator, determine which way he is laying or pointing. Your hook is more than likely on a leg, so figure which side it’s on, use the line as a guide and send "Bone Crusher" down the line. Keep your rod tip down & be ready for a run in case you missed. Repeat if needed.






 and Ratworks Gator Hunting Equipment Present "Gator Hunting Across the South" with Capt. Phil Walters.  1 hour 8 min video of gator hunting complied from TV appearances and news broadcasts.  You'll enjoy the excitement of the hunt and thrill of the kill, up close and personal.  Several strategies of hunting are used and demonstrated in this action packed video.


Florida Native Gator Hunting Equipment

Lightweight aluminum Bangstick poles and Harpoon poles are available starting at $199 by special request. Please call for details.      


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If you have harvested a noteworthy gator using RatWorks products or like our products, send us a note here.


Most products available at the following locations.
Please call for availability, hours & directions.

Tampa, Florida:

Ratworks HQ

Captain Phil Walters
Email me
16147 Ravendale Dr.
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East Georgia, SE South Carolina, Savannah:

Tony Pass
Cell 912-572-3793 or  912-727-2838
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NE Florida & SE Georgia:

Creeker "The River Rat" Davies
Deland near the St. Johns River & SR 44 and also Downtown Orlando


Mike Gifford
Eufaula, AL

Over three decades of alligator hunting experience. 
Happy to answer any of your alligator hunting questions.

Ratworks Operated by Capt. Phil Walters...

The South's Most Experienced Professional Gator Hunting Guide.

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